Spring Cleaning for Tenants


Who isn't feeling upbeat about having a little more daylight into the early evening, and seeing the grass actually turning green?  Yes, Spring has arrived. And with that, what better time to kick start your Spring cleaning project. Here are some timely reminders about Tenant's responsibilities with respect to unit care.


-window screens should be wiped down and free of holes

-window restrictors should be intact

-batteries for smoke detectors should be checked

-toilet or faucets drips should be reported

-pest activity should be reported

-decluttering and donating goods is always a good idea

-recycling that has piled up should be taken to the main outdoor bins

-bicycles, scooters and floor mats should be removed from the common corridors

-the setting up of window air conditioner units should be verified with Head Office


Many thanks to everyone for your cooperation on this, as we all look forward to warmer, sunny weather.

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